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PASDEC Holdings Berhad is always seeking for opportunities to give back to the community. We therefore encourage our staff to participate in Social Responsible programs.

Over the last few years we have been involved in a large variety of CSR (corporate social responsible) programs and outings, in which we want staff members to create awareness and get involved.

PASDEC Care Initiative at SMK Chengal Lempong

As a responsible organization, PASDEC undertook a CSR initiative to equip, beauty and complete the library of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Chengal Lempong in Balok, Kuantan. The school has opened its doors to students in 2018 and did not have the required equipment to function as a library.

Contribution to the Indigenous School Pupils

In collaboration with PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN SUKARELAWAN DAN SOSIAL (PERKASA), PASDEC contributed essential school items to 87  selected aborigine pupils around Sungai Lembing who excelled in their studies.

Eid al-Adha Qurban

In the spirit of togetherness during Eid-ul Adha,  Qurban programs were organised by the PASDEC CARE team at various projects of PASDEC in Kuantan.

Contribution to Schools

As part of PASDEC CARE initiative for community-based programs throughout 2019,  selected schools including orphanages in Kuantan received various furniture from PASDEC's former office to meet the respective needs of the schools.

Tree Planting Program At Sungai Benus, Janda Baik

PASDEC collaborated with Persatuan Gerakan Amal & Pencinta Alam Janda Baik (GABAN), undergraduates of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and local authorities in undertaking the planting of tree along the river bank of Sungai Benus at Janda Baik as part of our effort in conserving the environment.

Pesona FC

Sponsored the Pesona FC under 10 & 12 years old football team as part of our contribution in encouraging sport activities among children. The team has participated in and won numerous tournament in Pahang.

Program Jelajah Usahawan Desa 2018

PASDEC became a joint sponsor for this event that was held at various districts in Pahang throughout the year 2018.

‘Program Ibadah Korban Pasdec & PKNP @ Kampung Janda Baik, Bentong 2017’

Kampung Nemo PASDEC

As part of our initiatives to care for flora and fauna, we had contributed artificial reef structures in the form of PASDEC Homes. MOTAC offered ‘Nemo Homestay’ that were placed on the seabed of the sea at Balok Beach on 17 July 2017 in order to attract & cultivate Nemo or Clownfish and other marine life at the area.

Newspaper Sponsorship

Sponsorship of Berita Harian educational supplements as learning aid for pupils of selected schools in Kuantan, Temerloh and Bentong.